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Bhadraj Temple is a very pious temple and a part of Badrinath Temple. It is believed that the pilgrims visiting Bhadraj Temple receive the same blessings as that of the pilgrims visiting Badrinath Temple. Pilgrims praying at the temple with devotion are grated their wishes.Puja at Bhadraj Temple Devotees offer milk, butter, ghee, and products made from ghee at the temple. The idol of Lord Balram is cleaned and purified with milk and nothing else. It is not allowed to visit the temple after consuming eggs, meat, or alcohol. Every year the committee of Bhadraj Temple organize a fair from 15th-17th August. The annual fair attracts a large number of devotees from in and around Mussoorie. The fair showcases the unique culture and traditions of the people and is a great way to revisit their roots and bond with others.

Bhadraj temple was constructed by the local villagers of Matogi village, Binhar but why it was situated takes us back to the story. After the war of Mahabharata, Lord Balram left his kingdom and went for expiation. On the way, he reached that place where people’s affection towards their cattle attracts Balram and he started doing meditation there, in a moment Balram got along with everyone. When finally, the time came to leave that place after spending years with villagers, people request a lot to not leave them while seeing their respect and love towards him, Balram promised that he’ll come back in the form statue and would take care of everyone and their cattle.

After years, Nandu Mehra the villager was on his way when he hears a voice requesting to take him out from the ground for a time he panics but somehow, he digs and found Balram’s statue. Again, the voice mentioned Nandu to take this statue to the top of the hill and placed it where it feels heavy to you while carrying it. In the starting statue was light as he takes upwards to the top hill the statue become heavy, so he placed it at that place and today it’s known as Bhadraj Temple.

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